Thursday, November 29, 2007


Today I was able to seal up the wing fuel tanks by putting the T-408 cover plate and T-407 cork gasket on the inboard rib. I mixed up some of the tank sealant and dabbed on the threads as I put the screws in. In the same manner I installed the tank fuel sender (float) and gasket with sealant on the threads of the screws.
My next step is to figure out the landing lights that I want to install. I have to make a cut out in the leading edge of each wing to mount the lights and I still need to order the parts to get that done. Van's sells the kits that includes all the templates and hardware for the lights, but I kind of like the 1600 lumen LED lights that are sold by Aero LED. To go that route I'd have to get the 'cheapest' light kit from Van's and then order the actual landing light from Aero LED.
1 Hour
Wings-45 hrs
Empennage - 195 hrs
Total hours on project = 240