Tuesday, June 25, 2013


Today I was able to begin the assembly of the bulkhead by drilling the F-730 plate, F-728, F-729C and F-729  rib to the F-706B bulkhead bottom. I disassembled and deburred and then riveted the assembly together as per the Detail A as shown in Drawing 26. When I finished with that I fit and riveted the F-706A-L&R bulkhead halves to the F-706B bulkhead bottom. I left the top joined with clecos. I drilled and cleco'ed the F-728 channel to the pre-punched location hole on the top of the F-706A bulkhead.
Today: 3 hrs
Fuselage: 89 hrs
Wings: 148 hrs
Empennage: 195 hrs
Total time on project: 433 hrs.