Monday, April 23, 2007


I'm still waiting for the wings to be delivered so I decided to finish up the wing cradle today. I had most of the parts cut out already from the session the other day, so I mostly had to just assemble everything. The only thing left is to staple some carpet pieces on the end where the spar will sit. I had to glue some 1x2 pieces for reinforcement on that end and will wait a day for the gule to set up.

With no airplane project to work on I spent some time playing around with fiberglass tip on the rudder today too. It wasn't a very close fit so used a little glazing putty to give it a better shape and closer fit to the vertical stabilizer and then primed it. Nothing else to do now but wait for the wings to get here.

Friday, April 20, 2007


With the confirmation of my order for the quick build wings and the arrangements complete with Partain Transport Co. to deliver them, I figured it was about time to start on the Wing cradle. When the wings are delivered I need some way to store and protect them as I complete the tasks that are left for me on the project. So today I went to the lumber yard and bought the materials that I need to construct a wing cradle. I spent $89.54 of which $22.50 was for a sheet of 3/4" plywood that I only need 3' of. So I guess I'll have a 5' X 4' piece of plywood if I need it for anything else in the project. The rest of the construction is from 2X4 and 2X6 lumber. Anyway, when I got home I started cutting and got a pretty good start on the project. I'm hopeful that the wings will be here by the end of next week so I should be ready when they arrive.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007


Today I called Van's and talked with Ann in the Kit Dept about the Qucik build wings for the RV-7. I guess I'm fortunate as she said they actually had QB Wings in stock for the RV-7 and could probably ship them soon. So I filled out the order form with the quick build option along with the floats for the gas tank option and faxed it in. After that I called Tony Partain of Partain Transport Co. and asked about his transportation option. He said that he had a load leaving next week going to Kansas, Texas, and Florida and thought that they could get the wing set on that trailer for me. He wasn't in the office when I talked to him and he asked me to call back tomorrow morning so we could get all the details and the shipping costs worked out. Now I'll have to build a wing cradle to put the wings in when they arrive. Partain had a link to a site that had a set of plans that seem pretty easy to build so I'll try to get that done in the next few days. At least I'll have something to post on this site while I'm waiting for the wings to arrive.
p.s. The other picture I've posted is not related to the RV-7 Project, but is a new set of wingtips for my Cessna 150. You can see the old ones on the bottom shelf of the bench and they were getting cracked and busted up. I ordered the new ones while I was in Africa and have spent the last two days getting the news ones ready to put on. I had to drill the holes in the right places and then today I matched the paint and did the painting.