Friday, June 28, 2013

Today I got started on the F-711Bulkhead. This is a double bulkhead with F-711A as the front half and F-711B as the back half. I had to fabricate the F-711C bars as they will attach to the horizontal stabilizer. I got those done and then Cleco'd the two halves together and clamped the bars in position and drilled holes using the pre-punched holes. Then I had to trim a bit out to allow the elevator pushrod to pass through. After that I did the usual preparation so I could rivet the bars and bulkheads together to form the finished F-711 Bulkhead.
Today: 4 hrs
Fuselage: 95 hrs
Wings: 148 hrs
Empennage: 195 hrs
Total time on project: 439 hrs