Wednesday, June 19, 2013


Got busy today and did the final preparation on the F-705 bulkhead assembly. I had to cover up a few of the holes as these will be riveted later along with some other pieces. Once I had that figured out I went ahead and riveted the bulkhead together. Once I had that done the next step was to fit and drill the F-661EF flap actuator bearing blocks. this required a careful measurement and the use of a drill press to drill through about 2 1/2 inches with perfect alignment. I took my time and three out of the fuor holes went well, the other one wallered out a little, but when I fit it back on the bulkhead assembly it seemed to be alright. Since these parts will interfere with teh skin riveting I had to take them back off and stored them in my parts cabinet.
Fuselage: 80 hrs
Wings: 148 hrs
Empennage: 195 hrs
total time on project: 424 hrs.