Thursday, June 21, 2007


Well, I've been home from Africa for two weeks now and only today made a start on the project. It usually takes a while to get through all the honey-do's but it seems that this time it was more than usual. And it's not that I haven't been thinking about the RV project, I've spent a lot of time looking at other builder's web sites to get an idea of how they went about what I'm fixing to do. I've also read through the builder plans to get an idea of everything that was done to get the quick build wings to the point that they were delivered.

Today I finally had things caught up to the point to where I could make a start on the project. Right before I left to go back to work last time I had inventoried all the parts. The bag that was missing was sent to the house while I was gone so I now have everything that I'm supposed to have. I started today by sorting out all the parts and putting them away in my own organized way. That way everything was put up out of the way and I know where to put my hands on things when I'll need them. It took a lot longer than I had thought it would take just to get things put away.

With the garage once again organized and straightened up as an airplane factory I was ready to get started. The builders plans has a couple of paragraphs at the beginning of the wing section to let the quick builders know where to get started. It said to go to the section titled "Attaching Ailerons To The Wings". The first task is to attach the WD-421L&R -PC bellcranks. But when I went to that section in the manual it started with the assembly of the W-716 and W-818 pushrods as shown in DWG 15A.

So today I located all the parts that I would need to attach the bellcranks and to build the pushrods for both wings. The kit comes with only one length of each pushrod so I had to measure to the correct length and cut them to the proper length. Then I cleaned up the ends and made sure that the bushings would fit properly. The next step is to put primer on the pushrods, both inside and out, but I'll have to buy the primer before I can procede.
4 Hours
Total hours on project = 201
Empennage = 195