Sunday, June 04, 2006


Donna and I have been kind of sidetracked from the project for the last few days. When we got back from the shett metal class we attended we decided to work on the two training projects that we had ordered from Van's before we went to the class. We had the same RV Training Project that we assembled in the sheet metal class and also the Van's Aircraft Toolbox Kit.

We worked an hour or two for the last few days and were able to build our sheet metal skills a little further along. I thought we did a reasonable job on the two projects and are now more confident in continuing with our RV-7.

During the last week we had to take a trip to Norman where Donna had an appointment and lost a day of our construction efforts. And I took a day to fly to Ardmore and visit and have lunch with my friend Wayne Warthen. I have to go back to work this Tuesday so the project will be on hold for the next 28 days.